Need representation? Give me a call!
Need representation? Give me a call!
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Guidance For Land Use And Zoning Issues

Landowners and developers often require legal advice and guidance when dealing with land use and zoning issues. Those in San Diego County can turn to me, Ken Cassutt, an experienced attorney and strong legal advocate.

I provide high-quality, high-value services for a range of transactional legal matters, including those related to:

  • Subdivisions and condomiums
  • Zoning approvals
  • Variances
  • Rezoning
  • Conditional or special use permits
  • Planning and development
  • Entitlements
  • Operation permits
  • Leasing
  • View protection issues
  • Solar rights
  • Responding to notices of violation and citations

A Land Use Lawyer Can Be Essential To Thwart Legal Problems

There is no way around it. Real estate development is a complicated and sometimes lengthy process. It requires an extensive and thorough review of zoning laws, construction permits and local ordinances. The process requires the participation of various parties, which can include landowners, property developers, construction companies, real estate agents, title companies, the courts and municipalities.

The more parties that are involved in these transactions, the greater the chances are that legal issues will arise. As a seasoned land use and zoning attorney, I can predict problems ahead of time and provide guidance to avoid mistakes.

A Knowledgeable Advocate On Your Side

My experience as a lawyer as well as a land use hearing officer in Santa Fe has given me the knowledge and skill required to handle all types of related legal matters. Whether you are applying for a usage permit or are dealing with a land use dispute, I can provide trusted advice and guidance through the legal process. My goal is to help you find a solution that is in your best interests and is as low cost and low stress as possible.

To find out how I can help with your land use and zoning matter, contact me today at 619-821-8685 or send a message online using the secure form on this website. I promptly return all messages.